The Asbestos Process

Responsible Lead Removal That Fits Your Demands

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If your home or building was built prior to 1978, you have to assume it contains lead-based paint. To remove this dangerous material, the paint must be scraped off using a paint stripping chemical, or it must be media blasted.

The method used on your property is going to depend on the surface type and the intended future use of the painted surface.

Many times, only the loose and flaking paint are scraped off, then paint is applied over that with a lead barrier compound to keep the lead from leaching back to the surface of the paint. Removal of the entire component that contains the lead is also an option.

These removal methods are chosen at your discretion and will vary from
project to project.

Approved Mold Removal Processes

Approved Mold Removal Processes

Because mold is a living organism, conditions at the site must be maintained in a way that prevents the mold from regrowing (use of proper ventilation, air conditioning, and immediate attention to leaks and condensation).

To remove mold from your site, we will follow a specification written by a third-party indoor air quality firm that tells us what materials need to be removed.

Negative pressure containment, EPA-approved biocides, and EPA-approved encapsulants are used in this process.